Chart/rrd4j - begin/end every day 6am to 8pm possible?

Hello, is there a way to define the chart presentation start (begin) stop(end) time? I’m logging my solar energy/power and would love to start chart’ing at 6pm and stop my chart display at 8pm.

There is a begin/end flag for sitemap, but this is absolutely with year,…, so this exactly will not work, or does it somehow?

Thanks a lot Norbert (Openhab 2.3 snapshot)

I’m not aware of a begin/end flag at all (and I have no idea which is the purpose of this. In question of standard charts, no, it’s not possible, as you only set the duration of chart, the right side will be “now” and the left side “now - duration”.

You can use grafana to generate a fixed chart, but I think, even there you will need some code to set the date to the current day.

i found that
and end=
do no work in sitemaps. The only work when calling a diagram via browser . Even in the sitemap editor VS-Code these parameters are reported as errors.

I am using Openhab 2.3.0