Chart simple

If i wanna make a chart/log for my temperature and other simple stuff what is the best option ?

mapdb rrd4j mysql mitt etc…

so many options i get confused :wink:

using oh2 with rfxcom zwave ihc verisure

mapdb only stores the last value of an item. Therefore not an option. :wink:

mysql and rrd4j are both possible, but mysql is a little more complicate to install.

I vote for rrd4j!

Some notes for rrd4j: rrd4j only stores numbers. But that’s of course ok if you only want to store temperature data. And rrd4j summarizes data after a certain period of time. So if you want to know which temperature exactly there was at christmas 2008, rrd4j will not give to the exact value. :wink:

That descrition is correct, however RRD4J does only summarize data in the timeframe in which you want it to. By using the default setting you are selecting such a setting.
You can set RRD4J to persist the value for each minute during the last X days if you want to. The main feature is that the DB will not get bigger.