Chart with multiple items not working in OH2

Hey all,

couple of month ago I switched from OH1 to OH2. Besides other stuff, I have some Charts like this in my sitemap:

Text label="Lüftung" icon="chart"{
                                          Text item=Chart_Lueftung    icon="temperature"
                                          Switch item=ChartSwitch_Chart_Lueftung icon="line" label="Zeitraum" mappings=[0="Tag", 1="Woche", 2="Monat", 3="4 Monate", 4="Jahr"]
                                          Chart item=Chart_Lueftung period=D refresh=300  visibility=[ChartSwitch_Chart_Lueftung==0]
                                          Chart item=Chart_Lueftung period=W refresh=1800 visibility=[ChartSwitch_Chart_Lueftung==1, ChartSwitch_Chart_Lueftung==NULL]
                                          Chart item=Chart_Lueftung period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[ChartSwitch_Chart_Lueftung==2]
                                          Chart item=Chart_Lueftung period=4M refresh=3600 visibility=[ChartSwitch_Chart_Lueftung==3]
                                          Chart item=Chart_Lueftung period=Y refresh=3600 visibility=[ChartSwitch_Chart_Lueftung==4]

The Chart_Lueftung is a group with four items. The charts displays all four values correctly.

Now I created a new one (The first multi Charts since switching to OH2) And I use the same exact code with diffrent values. But the charts stays empty.

I don’t understand that. This is only with ChartGroups. Charts with only one Value works without any Problems.

To put it another way. Charts with Chartsgroups wich are created since switching to OH2 doen’t work and I have no idea why that is.

Help is greatly apreciated!