Chart Y axis labeling

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry 3 B+
    • OS: Stretch
    • Java Runtime Environment: inside stretch
    • openHAB version: 2
  • Issue of the topic: possible to change chart y axis labeling?

Hi, well I think, openHAB2 becomes my friend :slight_smile:
On base of a RaspberryPi, MariaDB and openHAB2 I build a garden irrigation. With magnetic valves, sensors etc…
Isn’t totally ready yet, but looks nice and works as it should.

To BasicUI I included some charts.
There are some charts showing ON/OFF state at Y axis and time on X axis.
On Y axis here are shown 0 o,1 0,2 … 1.
Is it possible to map this for example like 0=OFF, 0,1=[blank], 0,2=[blank] … 1=ON ?
Of course, it’s more a cosmetic issue, I know.
But maybe there is a possibility.