Charting accumulated power consumption

Grafana / InfluxDB can be rather intimidating for starters… :wink:

Beyond charting simple battery levels, temperatures, brightness levels and so on, I wanted to chart how much energy certain devices use in daily operation. I think I managed to find a way to do this, but I’m unsure if I’ve done it correctly.

Could someone who has some experience with Grafana / InfluxDB tell me if it’s the right way?

This is how I’ve configured it:

(right-click to enlarge)

It looks like it is the right way.

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your feedback!

Can you explain “why” it is right? I found this setup by experimenting with Grafana and like to understand the inner workings which are confusing for me right now.


Yes you really took your time :slight_smile:
On the X-axis is the time. On the Y-axis is the amount of used energy.
So if you are using the amount is ‘growing’ over time that is why you have a line going up. That’s all nothing more.

Well it could be growing by any amount. Roughly, the units seem to match, but e.g. I found out the divisor 3600 by sharp looking. Somehow I’m a bit confident, it’s right since an hour has 3600 seconds. But I lack the knowledge on InfluxDB/Grafana to judge what’s going on internally…