Charting in OH3

I would like to create a chart in which I would like to plot five (x,y) data points. Both x- and y-values are temperatures (setpoints) for my PID controller of the district heating system at our house. X-values are constant but y-values are variables that I need to change. I know how to change the y-values in the Modbus registers so now I would like to plot these (x,y) points. It seems that charts in OH3 plot only timeseries so I wonder whether there are any tools for plotting (x,y) points.

OH Persistence only saves timeseries data. There is no way to store x,y points. Since there is no way to store such data there is no way to retrieve such data and therefore chart it.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. X-values are constant numbers and y-values are stored in different items so basically I know the values for all the 5 xy-data points. I would like to create a xy-plot plotting these points.

Still, OH only stores timeseries data, only knows how to retrieve timeseries data and only knows how to chart time series data. You’ll need to use something else to generate a chart that isn’t a timeseries.

OK, thanks. I’ll need to find another solution then.