Charting problem after new install

After setting up my system newly (OH 2.5.1 via openhabian on a Raspi3) I copied the saved ,rrd files from the old setup and changed the onership back to openhab:openhab.
Looking into the rrd4j database via the REST API I see the saved old datapoints, the new datapoints and the timegap when nothing was saved is visible as well.
When graphing the data with the standard sitemap graph however I only see the actual value presented a line as if this value was stored for the whole selected time (on any selected timeframe, D, W, M).
Looking at the same data with a Habpanel Chart (n3-line-chart) I do see all values correctly!
See these examples for both chart types:

I am actually out of clues how such is possible.

As with many other problems clearing the cache resolved the problem.

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I was a bit fast in stating this one as resolved!
After a restart the problem is back. Clearing the cache resolves it again, however that can’t be the real solution. What makes the charting service for the sitemap (not for habpanel!) stumble in that way?

Some more details:

After a restart of openHAB the problem (charts on sitemap showing only the actual value) is back.
Stopping openHAB again, clearing the cache and MANUALLY starting all bundles that remain in state “Resolved” is needed to bring the system back to working normally.
Has anybody observed such as well?