Charts not working with Basic UI

I have an odd problem where charts are a flat line based on whatever the last value opened. So if temp is currently 77.8 I will see a line all day or week at 77.8, but if it changes to 80, the line will be 80.

Now, if I restart openhab for about 10 seconds or so after a restart my charts work fine, then the go back to the flat line for the value. This is for all charts, on my system. Any ideas how to debug this?

A bit more info, this seems to be a display issue, it does not matter if the data is RRD4J or MySQL.

What have you set as a default persistence service?
Did youcheck if there are really different values stores in the used persistence ( rrd4j or MySQL)?

Yes, the values are different in both rrd4j and MySQL and if I restart openhab the graphs are generated correctly for about 10 seconds or so, then they go flat lines but always updating to the current value.

What have you set as a default persistence service?
What other persistence services are installed?

My guess: You have set MapDB as the default persistence servic3. That way MapDB is used for charting and MapDB does hold the last value only!

Thanks! You are correct.