Cheap OH Setup for power switch and temp/hum sensor - what to use?

Hi there,

For a rental apartment we have I’m looking for a very simple OH setup to a) monitor temperature and humidity and b) control a power switch (EU plug, air dryer).

Can anyone recommend a cheap solution? I prefer not to use WIFI devices.
But I’m not sure which protocol/dongles and devices to use.


Cheap is relative and in contradiction to not use WiFi. You can DIY using ESP8266 or similar.
Else look into ZWave multisensors (e.g. Aeotec Multisensor 6 or Fibaro FGMS) and switches or eventually ZigBee (e.g. Xiaomi Aqara).
But note please that this forum is not on Home Automation in general.

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I’m specifically asking for hardware (as the forum suggests) that works with Openhab.
For this project I don’t want to use DIY Sensors, I’m using Mysensors with Openhab at home heavily.

Almost anything works with OH in one way or another so that’s no basis for a question and doesn’t help in limiting choices.

mobile alerts sensors and openHAB

The end of the thread has better developed code than the begining.

Sensors on Amazon

Zwave works great but the dongle and devices are pretty expensive compared to zigbee.
I’d go with CC2531 stick and xiaomi aquara temp/humidity sensors, you can get both really cheap from china. For power socket I’d get the ikea tradfri one.

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Thanks that looks good and not too expensive - do you know any power sockets?

I’m not using any myself, but I’d go with this one (for whatever country you’re in), their zigbee devices work really great and are much cheaper than say philips hue.
As for the cc2531, you’d also need programmer to flash firmware, they usually sell them together like this.

People seem to have lots of problems though with the cc2531?

Yeah it seems like there was bug in zigbee library which should be fixed now (, also all the problems are with zigbee binding, lots of people use zigbee2mqtt which should work fine (but is much more difficult to configure). You can buy dongle with ember chipset but then it’s not that cheap.