Cheap switch - gladly diy

Hi there,
i’am searching vor an cheap alternative for my amazon dash button. Background to this: the dash button is used to switch on/off my philips hue lights.
Problem: Every battery change was exhausting because i had to run all the setup (this includes to deactivate/activate my MAC-filter to block the Dash Buttons “call home”-function).
Now - since yesterday - i can’t see my dash button in den amazon app no more … is amazon ignoring these dash buttons which don’t sent orders?

… Anyway … is there any similiar cheap switch to buy? It don’t have to be a switch which dial in direct in the wifi … a zigbee oder zwave device will do the same … just “cheap” and gladly “diy” :slight_smile:

thanks in advantage

Since your only using this to turn lights ON/OFF, an ESP8266 with firmware like Esp Easy or Tasmota with a switch/button connected via the GPIO pins should work fine. Connect and communicate to OH via mqtt and use tags [ “Lighting” ] to work with all your Echo devices. You can buy an Esp8266 development board (has all the resistors, diodes, etc… installed w/ power connection via USB) on Amazon, two Esp’s for around $12. If you don’t mind the wait, order from China (aliExpress) for about half the price.

Filc’s have come down in price quite a bit. I know some who have integrated them through Tasker to OH on their Android phones. But I think it may be possible to use the new BT Binding to integrate them directly now.

Xiaomi makes one but I know know if you need a hub to use it or whether it will work with the BT binding or Tasker integration like Flic.

Adafruit seems to offer one of course.

For awhile I used minimotes but they are notoriously challenging to get synced with OH.

There are a ton of Zigbee and Zwave button “scene controllers”. Some of them are pretty cheap.

All things considered, if you move fast and don’t mind waiting for shipping you won’t be able to beat the Xiaomy one in price right now, even for DIY.