Cheap window sensors (and others) wanted


I’m looking for cheap window and other sensorrs. I have several Xiaomi sensors but reached the maximum number of devices controllable by one hub. I added a second hub and some more sensors to it, all show up in OH but just do not work at all. So I gave up on implementing more than one hub. Thus I need more not too expensive sensors. I think I wouldn’t pay more than 20 Euros per sensor, so Z-Wave is no option here,

Any suggestions here? Buying another hub is no problem here.

Thanks in advance.


Several bridges are not a problem

MK Smart House do window sensors check him out

Thank you for that tip. I already ordered one, should be arriving today.

Should I use the device with the raspi running openhab or should i use a dedicated raspi? Is there a limited number of devices i can connect?

Have you watched his videos 1st watched them and if you have to ask anything you can PM me or Matt

Interesting, but the seem to be quite huge. I would be happy, if someone can provide dimensions :nerd_face:

For those who ran into the same problem with two bridges:

After the upgrade from 2.2 to 2.4 the second bridge and connected devices work flawlessly.