Check if a rollershutter is running or not

Dear all,
a short background informtaion and my plan:

I got an homematic 6 item switch which I use to controll two rollershutter in one room. I still use them for up, down and a special position.

my plan:

If I let run the rollershutter down. I want to stop them if the reach a individual position. The plan would be that I push the button on the switch to let the rollershutter run down. Then I push the button to move them up in order to stop the process and place the rollershutter in the position they are right now. If I pushed the button up again the rullershutter should move regulary totally up. The same I want to use inverser if the move up so that I can stop it by pushing the down button.

my problem:

At the beginning I saw that there is a double push state but I am not able to get this. How can I check if the rollershutter is running and if I push the invers direction the rollershutter shall stop?

I hope someone got a simallery rule and can support me.

Hi Felix,

not sure why you can’t get the double push state of the 6 item switch - have you looked at all the available channels for it? - but for the roller shutters you should be able to check if they are running with the #WORKING channel.

Hope this helps.

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@felice: Adding to what @Hans_Lree mentioned you may need to click the “show more” button on PaperUI channel page to see all available channels.

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Hello Hans_Lree,
I used the switch item working and check now if the state is on to react with a stop command. But regarding the double press I saw this in the openHab log but not as an item property of the 6 Item Switch, do you know how to use this?

Hi Felix,

I assume it’s the HM-PB-6-WM55 switch you are talking about, right? Just looking at the official docs for it now I don’t see anything about a double press, only
So I suppose you can achieve the same thing with a long press instead of a double press. Again, looking at ALL the channels for the button thing should show all available options to you.

Hi Hans,
first of all my problem is solved and you are right it is the homematic:HM-PB-6-WM55. Regarding the double press I can see if I do this in the log the following:

2020-04-14 14:32:36.925 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - homematic:HM-PB-6-WM55:OEQ0xxxxx3:PEQxxxxx51:1#BUTTON triggered DOUBLE_PRESSED

But as you also told in the Paper UI I do not see this option - It seems so that the system him self do this if a second short press was happend in the given time. But for this you always will see a short press followed by a double press.

That sounds good, so the binding might have added the extra double press option. Looks like you’re all set :slight_smile:

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