Check_mk users?

Anyone have a check_mk setup and using it to monitor openhab items? I’m real new to OH but have a few years of experience working with check_mk. So far I’ve written a local check to monitor a deep freeze temperature sensor and another to track battery status for all my zwave battery powered things.

Just curious if there’s other things I haven’t thought of or if anyone is interested in seeing what I’ve come up with.

Hi Steve,

Oh, nice idea ! Check_MK is really a nice product! The batteries status check interests me :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to test and work on your code !

I’ll post both scripts later today after I get home from work. Got a few things to tidy up in them first.

Bounced my openhab box a little while ago and now all but two of my battery powered sensors are showing NULL for battery level. I’ve tried healing the network, waking up the devices but they continue to report NULL. The sensors are working, door opening is detected which triggers a rule for a light switch, no problems. But no battery levels for most of them.

Freezer script isn’t getting a temperature either. (523 Bytes) (1.2 KB)

I wrote these in perl cause that’s what I use at work. I taught myself any and all bad habits displayed in these scripts. :sunglasses:

Small tweak to the batteries script to better handle batteries that are not reporting their charge status. (998 Bytes)

Thanks Steve, I will check that in the following day :slight_smile: