CHiP vs RasPi2

I backed the CHiP (from Next Thing Co.) Kickstarter, and my $9 computer just arrived yesterday. I’ve already got OpenHAB set up on my Raspberry Pi 2, but I"m considering moving the installation over to the CHiP for two reasons:

  1. CHiP uses less power
  2. CHiP has eMMC/NAND instead of SD. If I understand correctly, eMMC is significantly faster than SD.

The downsides, though, are that there is half as much RAM (512 MB in the CHiP vs 1 GB in the RasPi2) and the CHiP’s processor is a single-core ARMv7 @ 1GHz instead of RasPi2’s quad-core @ 900Mhz.

What do you think is more important for typical OpenHAB use? IO speed or RAM and Processor speed?

For startup IO is probably most important. After it is started RAM is probably tge most important. There are reports that OH just barely runs acceptibly on a first gen RasPi. i woukd expect similar performance on a CHiP.