Choosing Option 02 updated from 3.1.0_M5 to 3.2.0_M1 instead of selected stable branch 3.1.0


I was running 3.1.0_M5 Milestone and found out that meanwhile 3.1.0 stable was out and current milestone is 3.2.0_M1.

So I ran openhabian-config and I was asked if I want to switch to the current “stable” version called “OpenHAB3” which I did.

And I was also presented some new that install option 03 was changed and will no longer update and that I should use option 02 instead.

As switching the branch does not automatically update openhab2 I run option 02 in the menu but instead of switching from 3.1.0_M4 (main) to 3.1.0 (OpenHAB3) it updated my installation to 3.2.0_M1 milestone which still seems to be main instead of stable. But when I check the branch in menu option 01 it says that I selected “OpenHAB3”.

So I now have 3 questions:
1.) did I misunderstand the new meaning of option 02 and option 03?
2.) if I did not misunderstand why was my system updated to 3.2.0_M1?
3.) Is it safe to go back to 3.1.0 from 3.2.0_M1 or not recommended?

Thanks a lot

I am not an expert but I think that you need to distinguish two things: openHAB and openHABian

openHABian is whole “package” tailored for RPi (openHABian | openHAB)

openHABian is a self-configuring Linux system setup to meet the needs of every openHAB user. It provides:

Complete SD-card images pre-configured with openHAB for the Raspberry Pi line of SBCs
The openHABian configuration tool to set up and configure openHAB and many related things on any Debian based system

and the openHAB is the core application (it is part of openHABian)

The branch you have selected is barnch for openHABian which does not change openHAB itself.
You can change it in:

01 | Select Branch Select the openHABian config tool version (“branch”) to run

You can change openHAB branch in:

40 | openHAB Related Switch the installed openHAB version or apply tweaks

41 | openHAB Stable Install or switch to the latest openHAB Stable Release
| openHAB Milestone Install or switch to the latest openHAB Milestone Build
| openHAB Snapshot Install or switch to the latest openHAB Snapshot Build

In my opinion there will be no problem with installation of latest stable release 3.1.0


You have to read more carefully. You were asked about updating or changing the openHABian branch (which likely isn’t what you wanted). This functionality has been there for ages.
And option 01 tells you about the openHABian branch, not the openHAB one.

Yes, totally. 02 does not change OH branches. Use the 4X options that is what you want.

No you were not. Go read again (it’s in /opt/openhabian/docs/