ChromeCast Binding

Trying to use the ChromeCast as a method around turning on the Samsung TV.
Samsung TV sleeps the network card after it’s off, so sending it an ON command won’t work.

However, if I set up the Chromecast in OH2, and then pass it an audio file, it will turn on the TV.
However you can only do this once.

Based on the google home app, it seems like after sending an mp3 to it, it keeps the chromecast in an everlasting state of “casting”…so if you turn off the TV and try to resend the audio file, it never turns on the TV again.

I’m open to suggestions.

Goal is to be able to utilize the Chromcast as a way to turn on the TV since the NIC sleeps. It works once. However ideally, I’d want it to work repeatedly. Is there a way to reboot the chromecast via the binding or “stop it from casting” via a rule?

Eventually I want to be able to tell my Google Home, "Hey Google, I want to play xbox"
That will go up to IFTT and trigged an OpenHab2 switch
That switch in Openhab will run a rule:
Send audio file to chromecast(to turn on TV)
Send HDMI4 command to the TV(to set the source)
Stretch goal: Send something over the network to wake up the XBOX

Perhaps you could use Network Health to determine that the TV is turned off? But how to then turn off the Chromecast I don’t know. I’m going to buy a Chromecast today and what I want to do is pretty much the same as you (except for the Xbox-part).

If the OpenHAB binding can’t stop the Chromecast perhaps Tasker could?

Naa…i know its off…the chromecast will turn it on…so thats good…what i found was once you use chromecast…it will stay on for 5 minutes…they stop “casting”…so as long as u dont want to turn it on again in 5 mins…it’s fine.