Chromecast - cannot create a thing for Android Tablet

I have a wall mounted Android Tablet which I want to use for playing a sound when the bell rings.
The problem is I cannot create a thing for the tablet. A scan does not find the tablet and when manually adding I get an error message (communication refused). Setting log level to debug or trace did not provide any further details.
On the tablet I have installed Google Home App.

Is there anything else I need to do?

That’s because an Android tablet isn’t a Chromecast device. Installing the Google Home app just enables it to control Chromecasts, it doesn’t turn the tablet into one.

ok. many thanks.
do you know of any other way to output sound on a remote tablet?
currently I have habpanel running in a separate browser tab which receives audio via playSound webaudio rules command

I’ve no idea, but if you’re using HabPanel, try HabPanelViewer. There’s lots of discussion about it in the community.

If you’re using OH3, you must use this unreleased version (0.9.27pre).

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