Chromecast: Cannot process audioStream. No coordinator has been initialized


I have 3 google Homes connected to a group:


    chromecast:audio:esszimmer [ ipAddress=""]
    chromecast:audio:bad [ ipAddress=""]
    chromecast:audio:wohnzimmer [ ipAddress=""]
    chromecast:chromecast:10f28c846ccfa191b3eadbc73781807d //BAD
    chromecast:chromecast:3171c1738883c4b964ac6a199ad2686c //Esszimmer


Player homeWohnzimmer_Player “Google Home Wochnzimmer” (gHome) {channel=“chromecast:audio:wohnzimmer:control”}
Dimmer homeWohnzimmer_Volume “Google Home Wochnzimmer Volume” (gHome) {channel=“chromecast:audio:wohnzimmer:volume”}

Player homeEsszimmer_Player “Google Home Esszimmer” (gHome) {channel=“chromecast:audio:esszimmer:control”}
Dimmer homeEsszimmer_Volume “Google Home Wochnzimmer Volume” (gHome) {channel=“chromecast:audio:esszimmer:volume”}

Player homeBad_Player “Google Home Bad” (gHome) {channel=“chromecast:audio:bad:control”}
Dimmer homeBad_Volume “Google Home Wochnzimmer Volume” (gHome) {channel=“chromecast:audio:bad:volume”}

Player homeAll_Player “Google Home All” (gHome) {channel=“chromecast:audiogroup:A30AE065-9E04-475E-B4B0-78F7591B7747:control”}
Dimmer homeAll_Volume “Google Home Akk Volume” (gHome) {channel=“chromecast:audiogroup:A30AE065-9E04-475E-B4B0-78F7591B7747:volume”}

with the following commands:

	say("Hello from openHAB!")

I get these error messages:

2019-01-04 19:52:24.207 [INFO ] [t.internal.handler.ChromecastHandler] - Cannot get volume. No coordinator has been initialized.

2019-01-04 19:52:24.209 [INFO ] [t.internal.handler.ChromecastHandler] - Cannot process audioStream. No coordinator has been initialized.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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Hi, did you solve?
Me too gettin an analogous error
can not get volume. No coordinator has been inizialized

same here. My openhab 2.5.2 w/ chromecast binding would work for about 2-3 days. After that I would get that error. The only way to fix that is to restart openhab.