[chromecast] google assistant responds: sorry I didn't get any response

Hi all,

I use the chromecast binding together with my google home devices and google assistant on my android smartphone. Everything was working fine until I rewrote my rules from scratch. Now when I say (in German) “hey google, turn on the TV” everything works fine (e.g. TV is turned on via logitech harmony binding) but google responds with “sorry I didn’ get any response” instead of something like “OK, the TV will be turned on”. Any idea what could cause this issue?

The main thing I changed was about the rule trigger. Previously I had ONE rule per “switchable” google switch. Now I created a rule that will monitor several switches.



here the same problem since today and i have nothing changed in openhab.

if i say switch light on the light ( i say it in german) will switched on and after this google assistant responses " sorry I didn’t get any response" (this response is in english)

The only thing i know is that Google home mini have received a software update maybee is here the problem?.


Same here. Also in german. I only experienced it since today and only when swithing on/off my hue lights. Other commands seem to work without causing odd (and english) replies.

Can confirm, across several actions/bindings. All either “switchable” or “lightning”.

It’s funny how good Home mimics the all know German accent :smiley:

that’s interesting. I created an issue on github

i love technology :slight_smile: everything is back to normal function … for now

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seems the problem is back. since once week I get English reply on German Google Home. Anyone else affected? Seems only Google themself can fix this problem, right?

mee.too. Also in Germany. using it via phone, car play, smartwatch etc. It works but I get (with a nice german accent) “Sorry I didn’t get any response” I was under the impression it is because of the setup of Car Play - this fiddles somehow with the assistant. But maybe it is sth. different.

I filed a new issue #5985 with pretty much stephans error description.

Striking is - it happened exactly a year ago. So most likely it is google having their fingers in the butter.

Hello everyone the same problem I also encountered in Italian… openhab use with bilding open web net… and as soon as I ask him “there are lights on” he starts with his phrase in English… same cone if I ask the room temperature on the smarter thermostat

problem gone, solved again by itself. seems to be a google issue, not openHAB

I still have tha problem. Google Home set to English. Only with the switchables. Blinds do get response properly. Hower I would pay Google just to get OK confirmation instead “Opening two things to 40%”

Same issue here. The message only appears when I turn on my devices but the device turn on correctly.