Chromecast Play URL

Hi Everyone

How do you send a url too chromecast

@vzorglub i know you might be able too help me here as we spoke allitle about it the other day

tried using paperUI

using a youtube url for testing” without the quotes i just added those too stop it displaying the video on here

i have tried removing the https changing too http removing the www.

sending a youtube vid from mobile works

The PlayURL channel is a String
Bind a String item to it and send a command to the item:


Should do the job

Im just getting errors

2018-07-22 17:26:33.687 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'chromecast:chromecast:5ca02a9fd9b0f496048079f04cd82814' changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Unable to load media

2018-07-22 17:26:34.216 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'chromecast:chromecast:5ca02a9fd9b0f496048079f04cd82814' changed from OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Unable to load media to ONLINE

it tries too load but goes back too the main screen before anything happens

Hmmmmh. Not sure there
HAve you tried something else than youtube?

i did also try a video file uploaded too dropbox didn’t work ans as i don’t know much about chromecast i thought best use reliable youtube :slight_smile:

Did you try just: ""

i have just tried it again too make sure same results

The Chromecast is very warm is this normal

sending these urls too the chromecast are turning my tv and amplifier on but not actually playing the video

That’s odd
For the temperature, I don’t know, never touched one behind the tv.
Did you try resetting it>

Yes i have tried this a few times

Give it a try mine is extremely hot almost at a point of thinking its not a normal operating temperature its nearly hot enought too burn you

No mine is just warmish, even after 15 mins of streaming

I’m not sure i think i could do with a different chromecast too try with

Thanks for your help on this anyway

I think I just found a way to send Youtube video URLs to the chromecast. However not through the binding, that will need to be implemented.

I found this interesting article on how to send HTTP POST requests to the chromecast device in order to run apps on the chromecast device and also providing those apps with a parameter (e.g. URL).

In my rules I now do something like this:
sendHttpPostRequest(“http://192.168.x.x:8008/apps/YouTube”, “application/json”, “v=Ux8xAuQBdkk”)

It works almost perfectly. Only downside: each call will restart the youtube app on the chromecast unfortunately. If this could directly be integrated into the binding that would be great as I don’t like having to send to the IP address of the chromecast. I’d rather use channels that are linked to an Item so I don’t have to manage IP addresses in several places.

Let me know what you think

You can post a feature request on Github