Chromecast questions


I have both a Chromecast Audio and a Chromecast with Google TV (and I guess my older Chromecas, too) connected to my Denon receiver. Google ruined the ability to control your Chromecast’s volume using your phone with the new Chromecast with Google TV (unless you never want multi channel audi with video, killing movie watching)… It’s a shame because it worked beautifully before, where if the Chromecast was playing stereo content you could use your phone for volume, but not for surround, and now it’s a static preference in the UI :frowning:

So since I have all those Chromecasts I am trying to do the following:

  • If I cast to my Chromecast Audio, switch the receiver to its input
  • If I use the other Chromecast, switch to its input (or leave it alone unless the remote is used; we’ll see)

I see an example in the documentation with the rule “Turn on kitchen speakers when Chromecast starts playing music” that I want to emulate. However, there doesn’t seem to be an appId for the Chromecast Audio, which makes sense. What would you recommend? (Besides using my other normal Chromecast; the audio is nicer for other purposes.)

Also, any idea why the Chromecast bindings didn’t bring up any Chromecast when I used “Scan” in OH3? It should be able to see all my Chromecast and speaker groups using UPnP, no? Or is the Chromecast Audio biding not able to scan? It’d be nice to support discovery if the device changes IP too, but I can always give it a static IP which means never having to search for it.