Chromecast - set screen to idle


The binding supports reading the status of whether or not the Chromecast screen is idle. But I want to be able to set the screen to idle without having to wait for it to time out after 5 minutes of inactivity, as it normally does. Currently I use the physical remote’s Back button to go from the Home screen to idle/Ambient mode, but I’d like to automate this. Has anyone any suggestions or advice how to do this?


I’ve the Google TV app on my Android phone which has a remote control capability. Below is a screenshot of the remote control on which I’ve highlighted the button that tells the Chromecast to idle the screen. Is there any way I can identify what instruction is sent by my phone when that button is pressed? If I could identify the instruction, then I could reproduce that in a Node-red flow, but I’ve no idea how I might analyse what the phone app sends.