Classic UI does not layout correctly in Chrome

See screenshot below. Layout is correct in Edge and Firefox

This is the sitemap I am using:

sitemap home label="Ons Huis"
	Frame {
/*		Group item=Koelkast label="Koelkast" icon="groundfloor" */
/*		Group item=Ketel label="Ketel" icon="groundfloor" */
		Switch item=Portiek_Switch label="Portiek Licht" icon="light"
		Switch item=ZolderTrap_Switch label="ZolderTrap Licht" icon="light"
		Switch item=Voordeur_CAM_Motion_Event label="Voordeur Motion Event" icon=cam
		Switch item=Voordeur_CAM_Motion label="Voordeur Motion" icon=cam
/*		Group item=Zithoek
		Slider  item=Zithoek_Dimmer
		Text item=Sunrise_Time
		// shows the sunset
		Text item=Sunset_Time
		Switch item=Overdag_Switch label="Is het overdag?" icon="light"

	Frame {	
		Chart item=Koelkast_ETotaal period=D
		Chart item=Koelkast_EHuidig period=h
	Frame {
		Chart item=Ketel_ETotaal period=D
		Chart item=Ketel_EHuidig period=h

Can you try chrome on another PC? I had a similar issue with chrome (sitemap worked OK on firefox/IE but not chrome) which was only resolved by removing and re-installing chrome.

Interestingly reinstall does not fixed the problem (windows 10)
However chrome on my IPad does not have this problem…

So maybe it is chrome extension related or so?

kia ora

May be, not really sure. I completely removed chrome (also on my windows 10 PC) and then rebooted before reinstalling chrome and it all came right. I’m logged into google, so AFAIK all the same extensions loaded.

The issue with the sitemaps frustrated me for a couple of weeks, and I tried lots of different things.

Since I reloaded Chrome, the problem has not come back.

If you find the problem, I would be very interested in hearing about it.

For me the basic sitemap always worked, it was only the classic which didn’t. Out of interest if you load the demo application, does this work correctly?