Clean install of ubuntu and as allways openhab does not work

Totally clean install of ubuntu server 16.04 with standard updates applied followed the guide here

systemd on status has the message Start request repeated to quickly
then failed to start openhab, this project looked like it had come so far from when i tested it a few years ago

I on Saturday installed a new computer on Ubuntu 16.04 server and by this instruction made the installation of openHAB, everything went smoothly and earned without a single error.

Many new users starting from scratch often forget to install java. Whats does this show you?:

java -version

I needed the oracle version of java for it to work. This should be documented on the install documents. Why this isnt included is a mystery to me

It is there, on the first page:

Make sure that you have an up to date Java platform installed on your host system. Zulu is currently the recommended Java platform for openHAB. Download and installation instructions can be found on Azul Systems’ Zulu website. Oracle Java is also suitable for most configurations but licencing restrictions may apply. OpenJDK may also be used, but it has some known limitations with openHAB and is not recommended.