Clean with map - Neato D7

Hi guys,

I have recently begun to migrate OH2.4 to Version 3.3. Two reasons being our new “house mate”, the NEATO D7 vacuum robot and the fact, that the thing is supported by an openHAB binding.

I managed to setup the thing and get it literally running but soon noticed that no channel exists to make use of the pre-defined cleaning zones (which can be set up and triggered on the NEATO-App).
In a household with two kids and toys lying around everywhere, we make heavy use of cleaning zones, as it is simply not feasible to tidy up an entire floor before we trigger the vacuum robot!

So I have two questions:

  • is it (technically) possible to provide a channel that allows the user to select the zone to be cleaned and
  • Provided that ‘map’ and ‘zone’ mean the same, if Clean with Map is triggered, which map/zone will actually be cleaned? The last selected on the NEATO-App ?

Thanks for your replies!