Cleanup OH2 installation?

Dear all,

I´m working almost one year with openhab2 on a raspi 3. Actually I have many performance problems. For example: It takes up to 5 minutes, before a changed rule comes online. Also some fine working rules are more or less very unstable. For me, these problems are completely new. All the time before, the system was running very well.
I use the actual Snapshot.
Is there a way to cleanup the openhab installation?
Maybe there are many old configs / settings / rules inside?

You can try stopping OH, deleting the contents of /var/lib/openhab2/cache and /var/lib/openhab2/tmp and see if that makes a difference.

What else do you have running on this RPi3? When you run top does openHAB appear to be using an unexpected amount of RAM or CPU usage?

Are you running a mysql server on your rpi? I was using mysql for persistance and everything was running perfectly fine for 10+ months and in the last week i was having issues with rules taking ~10secs to fire/run.

Turns out from lots of troubleshooting and testing that it was the mysql server, it must of grew too large and started to task the rpi. htop didn’t show high cpu usage at the time of delays. My database was 144mb

Since i moved the database to another device my rules execute instantly.

…Worth investigating if you are in the same boat i was.

Hi Rich & Chris,
Thanks for your postings.
I have InfluxDB, Grafana, MQTT Server and a Heating Gateway running on this device. With TOP I can see very high CPU load of openHAB after changing a rule file. This takes several minutes. During this time, maybe more than this, a rule is not fired and comes many minutes too late.
Sometimes I can see also peaks of CPU load of the InfluxDB. Sometimes nearly 100%. But with four CPU cores, this should not be a problem, right? ….
But nobody knows exactly, what other things are going on, maybe on the file system during this time.
I cleared the /cache and /tmp folders. But this didn´t change something in the behavior.
I will try to switch off InfluxDB. Maybe this will have some influences. Any other things, that can be checked by me?

If you can, disable everything else but openHAB and after that, one by one enable them and watch closely how the load grows on the RPi. Four cores or not, there’s alot of other things that make RPis “slow” for server use. Ram is one of them when running multiple services. I’d only run openHAB+MQTT. Or is it possible to get a second unit and run InfluxDB+grafana on that?