Clear cache windows

I need to clear cache in windows, but I don’t get the option in the consoleCaptujjjra

Check this file, rename it from txt to bat and run. Then overwrite new openhab version the rest and start it again.

openhab_update.txt (897 Bytes)

I already updated openhab but at the beginning everything came out, then that came back :frowning:

  • stop openhab
  • check the content of environment variable OPENHAB_USERDATA
  • delete the content of the directories cache and tmp that are located in where OPENHAB_USERDATA points to
  • start openhab again

I already did, but still the same :frowning:

Sorry, I do not understand what you are asking for then. I only read about your request for help on how to clear the cache in the title and content of your first post.
I do not understand what the problem then is. What does “then thatcame back” and “but still the same” mean ?

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