Clear / remove pending notification

I am able to send different levels of notifications to different users. But what about clearing them?
Example: a notification is send to all users when a window is open too long. When the window is closed I want to remove the unread notifications from the users phones.
(I am not a native speaker and I am confused some times)

I don’t think this is possible.

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Hmpf. :triumph:
It might be pretty handy - what do you think?

Seems really challenging and complicated to create. First it will impact at least two, probably three separate OH projects (Cloud Server, Android App, iOS App). Then you need to invent some way to generate IDs and keep track of them so you can identify and “cancel” the notification.

If you want to try to code something up I bet the PR would be accepted. For me, sending a follow up “Window is now closed” is more than sufficient.

in APNS and firebase you can cancel/remove a push message see: and

I don’t know if there’s something similar for android to.

As @rlkoshak mentioned you would need add this yourself or add this in GitHub openhab2 iOS and/or Android app repo’s as an Enhancement issue.

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For me it would be sufficient to have a possibility to remove all notifications e.g. using the master account. Then no ID would be neccessary.

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