CLI befuddlement

CLI command smarthome:inbox lists my new devices. I seem unable to approve them. For example, smarthome:inbox lists the following:

NEW [zwave:device]: Z-Wave Node 5: 45603 Fluorescent Light & Appliance Module [thingId=zwave:device:02211f09:node5, bridgeId=zwave:serial_zstick:02211f09, properties={zwave_class_basic=ROUTING_SLAVE, zwave_class_generic=BINARY_SWITCH, zwave_frequent=false, zwave_version=3.34, zwave_listening=true, zwave_deviceid=12337, zwave_nodeid=5, zwave_routing=true, zwave_beaming=true, zwave_class_specific=POWER_SWITCH_BINARY, zwave_manufacturer=99, zwave_devicetype=20562}, representationProperty=null, timestamp=Tue May 15 02:53:39 EDT 2018, timeToLive=UNLIMITED]

But I enter

smarthome:inbox approve zwave:device:02211f09:node5

and I get an error, "Specify thing id to approve: inbox approve "

Question: based on the “inbox” info for the thing shown above, what is the correct “thinguid” and “label” that the approve command is expecting? Is my syntax wankered?

OK, since no one will help me, I figgered it out on my own, trial and error. Mostly error…

The correct syntax appears to be (using the above “smarthome:inbox” output as example,

smarthome:inbox approve “zwave:device:02211f09:node5” “45603 Fluorescent Light & Appliance Module”

It responds by saying that there is no such entry, but if I immediately list the things in the inbox, that one is now gone.

As a beginner, it would sure be nice if the documentation gave some practical examples like this.