Client Certificates list empty

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I wonder what I am missing - I just tried to migrate my openhab app from my old Android phone to my iPhone. I have installed my self-signed CA cert and the p12 client certificate on my iPhone. Safari can access the remote URL fine (and requests permission to use my client cert to authenticate), but the “Client Certificates” list in the app settings is empty:

Any hints for me?


you have to rename the .p12 to .ohp12 and send it to your iphone using airdrop or mail. after opening the file it will appear in the oh app.



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Whoa, that’s great. And very well hidden - I did not find any information on this behaviour. Thanks a million!

Here’s how i had to convert my key, cert and CA files - in case anyone else has to do this:

 openssl pkcs12 -export -out openhab.ohp12 -inkey openhab.key -in ca.crt -in openhab.crt

…and a word of caution: don’t set any password for the p12 export.

@JoeSey: You are totally right. It is a bit obscure. If you raise an issue for an enhancement on the GitHub site, this would be very helpful.