Clocks and Times

Hi all,

I’m sure I’m missing something simple…

My PC and Docker, (I run OH in Docker), all say the time is 9:00
The ‘current time’ widget that I have on the overview page says 9:00

When I look at the logs and what both ‘now’ and the astro binding returns it is 8:00

I’ve checked the regional settings > time zone and have tried different settings and it seems to make no difference to the ‘now’ and ‘astro’ settings, I’m in the UK and have tried

GMT +1s
And various others to the point that I’ve tried and forgotten more than I can remember.

What’s missing in my setup or what is the correct settings please, it’s throwing all my time rules by an hour.

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You’ll be interested in your Java timezone, which is used for logging and scheduling in openHAB.

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Thanks, that pointed me in the right direction…I realsied that the docker container was missing a timezone…


  1. Stop the container
  2. Edit the container, find the Environment tab in Advanced Settings and add this entry.

NB - Pick your timezone from here: List of tz database time zones - Wikipedia and change the part after the = accordingly.

  1. Apply and Save
  2. Restart the container and marvel at the correct time.
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