[CLOSED] "Introduction" in docs: proposed rewrite

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(Andrew Rowe) #21

OK, after replying to a million other posts, I would like to offer MY suggestion:
this first sentence:

The open H ome A utomation B us (openHAB, pronounced ˈəʊpənˈhæb ) is an open source, technology agnostic home automation platform which runs as the center of your smart home!

should remain
This sentence… whether grammatically correct or the perfect opening statement or whatever… is plastered all over the internet in links (new and old) and quotes and what not as to become almost synonymous with openHAB.

(Andrew Rowe) #22

OK, one more little suggestion
list reasons why openHAB is so cool… sell the idea a little first

With openHAB you can…

make your home automation system work exactly how you want

your home automation system is completely under your control

set up a home automation system that does not need to connect to the internet to function

use it with all your devices or create your own
(and I say ‘all’ because if you are crafty enough, nothing is off the table)

run on any platform

save money on utilities

ect ect ect
feel free to add more

(Andrew Rowe) #23

technology agnostic

I just love the term:
technology agnostic

when I read that, I imagine people running to google ‘agnostic’ and by the time they have figured out what ‘technology agnostic’ means… they are sold!

(lipp_markus) #24

Good point, haven’t spend much time on the About section, but this sentence is perfect there, will add.

Happy to add some points, but would prefer the list to be rather short, so would suggest we focus on three to four items max. will add something

(Andrew Rowe) #25

good thought, yes yes agreed
keep it short
bullet points

(Andrew Rowe) #26

OK, in the interest of not completely reinventing the wheel but rather massaging the current documentation to make it better, I believe we have the text for a good PR
@lipp_markus great job and we can discuss any small issues in PR thread
does this already have PR? suggest link if not in first post because reading comprehension owns me

(lipp_markus) #27

Thanks @Andrew_Rowe
Will create a PR tomorrow, just to give a little more time to others that may want to chime in here too.
Once done, will edit the OP and provide link to PR.

(YvesHanoulle) #28

Own a device

In many cases people already own devices we support.
So we could rephrase that, check in our bindings if we support already devices you own.

(lipp_markus) #29

PR created:

(Yannick Schaus) #30

Thanks everyone - especially @lipp_markus - for your work!

Fyi: I just made the necessary changes in the website’s build to pick up this file from openhab-docs (it wasn’t the case before), and it’s now live at: https://www.openhab.org/docs/

(with a minor cosmetic tweak at the top)

(Vincent Regaud) #31

I will close the thread now, if there is no objections

(Jerome Luckenbach) #32

maybe you could also move this one to one of the orga sections?

(Vincent Regaud) closed #33