Cloudbees openHAB 1 Job

Hi there,

Where can the nightly build be found.
The old plan does not exist anymore:

The Agent is still referenced here:


If I understood @Kai’s blog post correctly, there will be no more OH1 development and thus no need for nightlies. The OH1 addons will be actively maintained and developed and the nightly builds for those can be found here.

Ok, thank you.
Didn’t know of this blogpost nor the new plan.

This is correct, afaik, the whole openHAB 1 wiki has not yet been adjusted to the new situation after the 1.8 release.
@teichsta, will you take care of this soon or shall I ask the other maintainers for help?

i will go through the Wiki later tonight …

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@maintainer Could you maybe help @teichsta here? We still have a lot of outdated info on the wiki, specifically all developer-related info as IDE setup, contribution, binding development, etc.
Most of this should probably now simply link to


sorry, didn’t find the time yet! Would appreciate your help @maintainer :slight_smile:

Minor corrections done using [PR 3820] (
I’ve updated some links in the wiki too.