Cm11a and X10 rollers


I started using OpenHab2.2 using openhabian this week and while waiting for my other items to
arrive I started with connecting my X10 setup using an old CM11a I still had laying around including
an prolific USB to serial converter.

In essence things work but I also have 3 so called X10 SW10 roller switches.
Currently the cm11a binding only support switches and dimmers. I essence the SW10
looks from a X10 like a dimmer so I could use the dimmer control.

I do have some small problems with the current binding, for the dimmer things initialize to
0% dimming on startup but my X10 dimmers then show a very low light. I was wondering if
initializing things to OnOffType.OFF instead of the PercentType.ZERO which is done now
would not make more sense.

I also started adding roller support by just cloning the Lamp module code but initializing
things to default to OnOffType.ON as that means for the roller switch to have the rollers
open while OnOffType.OFF means closed. What happens now is when I start OpenHab
all rollers are closed.

The ultimate goal is to extend the cm11a with roller support and then use the shutterroller item
that is used in other bindings.

Given the fact that I normally don’t program JAVA things are currently very much a cut-and-paste
Job cloning the lamp abstraction. I have programmed in C/C++ and a lot of other languages so
I’m not a beginner programmer (just didn’t do JAVA before).

I would be interested if people think the above changes make sense and how I can reuse some
of the existing support for shutterrollers.


I would highly appreciate, if the X10 shutter Switches would be supported as shutters


Just an update, I started coding the enhancements and as it seems the rollershutter switches are more
an Appliance Module then a Dimmer. So I cloned the Appliance handler to be able to receive UP/DOWN and
ON/OFF commands and implemented the first steps to do Extended Code Type 0 commands that allow you
to set the switches to certain levels. e.g. level 0-25 are available where 0 is open and 25 is closed. So
you can now set the percent value of the switch and its will calculate the level e.g. 4% per level. I tested
the extended commands with heyu and there I can get my rollers to position to certain levels.

Next stop is creating a build environment as until now I did all programming kind of the dryrun way e.g.
just creating the code and changes based on mostly copying ideas from other bindings and extending the
schemas with the new channels and things.



I cannot really get the cm11a working reliable with my current setup using a serial to network converter.
So my changes to the cm11a driver are kind of experimental. I did write a complete cloned driver of the
cm11a driver which uses heyu as the backend and with that I can now fully control both my dimmers
and lamps and the roller shutters using the openhab with both the up/down and a slider to set it to a
certain percentage open/closed.

As you wanted support in the cm11a binding for roller shutters I could provide you with a 2.4.0 binding
which essentially has the same code for roller shutters as I use “in production” using my heyu binding.

So if you are still using cm11a/X10 (I see a lot of people abandoning X10) I can send you an jar with
the new somewhat refactored cm11a binding. Just drop me an email