Coding Help for Newbies

Dear all,

I started recently with the idea to build up an environment for my new home. Together with that I would like to implement my own UI design. But I’m a complete newbie in this kind of development environments. I so far managed to install Eclipse (v4.4.2) and maven (v3.3.3) on my Mac (OS X 10.10.4)

I was also able to clone the stuff i’m interested in from github.

But what now?

How do I start with something new? Or in my case how do I start to develop my own UI?
Does it work in the same way as for bindings?
How do I compile it to get into proper format needed for openhab?

I’ll appreciate if some of you (the more experienced than me) could help me to break down the wall in front of my eyes.


Hi Stefan,

yes, a UI is also a OSGi bundle, which is loaded by openHAB. Just have a look at the other UIs like classic or paperui. Maybe you can use this as a template.
Be aware of including it to your build in the parent pom. Just follow the instructions to build a binding (which is also a bundle) and see, what has changed on your workingcopy.