Collaborate in openHAB


I’m Java developer (EE, SE, FX and Android) and hardware designer, kicad (raspdroid) and altium. Also active user of raspberry pi (raspdroid).

Also a little over 20 years of experience in the distribution of products for construction, Gardena, Tesa ASA Abloy, Leica Geosystems, Schneider Electric, BTicino, Legrand, Philips, Valliant and many others.

I would like to collaborate in the openHAB project, is it possible?

Best regards from Canary Islands.


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Hey @hexagon,

Welcome in our community! :houses:
You’re more than welcome to contribute.

Take a look at the open issues in our repositories:

There’s a Developer Guide for you too.

Note that most of the core functionality of openHAB is located in Eclipse SmartHome repository, as it’s based on it.

If you’re going to submit a binding for your own, don’t forget to submit an issue and a post on this forum.

Happy hacking!

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Thank you very much!

Best regards