Collection of compatible OH1.8x binding?

Hi friends, is there any collection folder which contains compatible .cfg files with OH2.0 from OH1.8.x up till now? Can you share ?
Thanks in advance, I’d be very appreciated! Because I’ve just moved to OH2 so it’s been a little bit difficult to play around at the first time. I hope you can help me!

CFG file will create itself if I remember well. If not, just copy what you’d normally add to openhab.cfg file to .cfg file.

Here’s the list of compatible bindings:

You may want to review in general and especially
and more here:
You may want to start with the 2.0 bindings, all else will require a lot of reading!
Good luck

There are many 1.x bindings that are not yet installable in OH2 but have not been tested. Any of the bindings here but not already installable and not on the incompatibility list might actually work. If you put one from that subset in your addons directory, try it and if it works or doesn’t work, please report back!