Colon in http binding?

How do a get a colon in the http GET request for an item using the http binding? I would like this:

Switch ZONE2_TRIPPED (DSCAlarmZones) { http=">[ON:GET:]" }

But this gets cut off at the colon after the serviceId=urn. I tried a backslash in front of it, I tried %3A. No good. What’s the trick?


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LOL :wink:

I think you can use the %3A, but you have to escape the % character i.e. %%3A
Found that by searching

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Thank you! %%3A works.

But the binding doesn’t do what I think it should do. I have this:

Switch ZONE1_TRIPPED (DSCAlarmZones) {channel=“dscalarm:zone:976a922c:zone1:zone_tripped”, http=">[ON:GET:http://1

What I discovered is that if I manually change the switch in the Basic UI, I see both an ItemCommandEvent and an ItemStateChangedEvent. In this case, the http GET is sent. But if I open the door to trigger this through the DSC binding, I only see the ItemStateChangedEvent. And no http GET is sent. Does the “ON” only fire if the item receives a command and not on a state change? That must be it. And it’s at the very top of the HTTP binding documentation. It seems to be that a state change would be good for this, but I guess only commands are used.

I’ll just use the rules. That does work.