Color differences when setting the color in custom widgets

Dear Community

thx for all the great work you are doing.

I’m starting to migrate my home automation system to OH3 and while doing this I started to create a custom widget.

I define colors for oh-knobs and for oh-links (to draw F7 icons) using the using the color: … keyword inside the widget definition.
However, I noticed that if I use e.g. color “blue” in the oh-link section (picked color shows: #4A94EC) this blue looks different then the color “blue” definition for oh-cards background (picked color shows: #A4CAF6) and also different from the primaryColor “blue” definition for the oh-knob (picked color shows: #0C00F5). I can align the primaryColor for the knob and the oh-cards background but the oh-link will only accept textual color names - no hex definitions or something like this.

Is there a way to set the color of the oh-link other then with a color name, or can I make an over-all “blue” definition?

I’m sure you guys can explain this behavior easily.

I’ve attached a screenshot that should illustrate the problem.

Thx for your support /jeko