Color from value depends from value (i.e Temperature), and simple bar?

after two year using only the standard paperUI screens, iI make a Image from my oH (so I can not destroy my old “system”) and try the Habpanel.

I’m using oH 2.5.10

Actually I only use the basic widgets (dummy, slider, …) (but also have look in the Widget Galley from GitHub).

Is there a (simple) possibility (or trick) to change the color from the shown temperature value (it’s a item)? I use “dumem” widget to show the value from the item, but no chance to change autom. the color.

And/or add a bar (graph) near to the shown temperature which changes the color depending from the temperature item?
I found the “knob” item (like a circle), but no bar (or is there also a bar possible (i.e. -20°C till 50°C) ?)