Color Groups with Alexa and Homekit

Dear all,

I try to use Homekit and Alexa with my OpenHab 2.2 Configuration.
Unfortunately I have some issues I can’t solve on myself.
I want to manage all items in Openhab. I don’t want create groups in Alexa or Homekit.
My Items look like that:

//Wohnzimmer Stehlampe Sofa Links///
Color Light_Living_Sofa_Links_1_Color "Farbe" <ColorLight> (GroupDimmer_Lights_Living, GroupColor_Lights_Living) { channel="hue:0210:0017884ab0d6:4:color" }
Dimmer Light_Living_Sofa_Links_1_ColorTemperature "Farbtemperatur" <ColorLight> (GroupColorTemperatur_Living) { channel="hue:0210:0017884ab0d6:4:color_temperature" }
String Light_Living_Sofa_Links_1_Alert "Alarm"  { channel="hue:0210:0017884ab0d6:4:alert" }
Switch Light_Living_Sofa_Links_1_Switch "Farbeffekt" { channel="hue:0210:0017884ab0d6:4:effect" }
//Wohnzimmer Tischlampe TVSchrank Links///
Dimmer Light_Living_TV_Links_1_Dimmer "Dimmer" <DimmableLight> (GroupDimmer_Lights_Living) { channel="hue:0220:0017884ab0d6:7:brightness" }
Dimmer Light_Living_TV_Links_1_ColorTemperatur "Farbtemperatur" <ColorLight> (GroupColorTemperatur_Living) { channel="hue:0220:0017884ab0d6:7:color_temperature" }
String Light_Living_TV_Links_1_Alert "Alarm"  { channel="hue:0220:0017884ab0d6:7:alert" }
Group:Color GroupDimmer_Lights_Living "Wohnzimmer" <sofa> (GroupDimmer_Lights_GroundFloor) [ "Lighting" ]

Alexa finds all tagged Items and in my home app there are also listed.
But the items are not correctly implemented:

  1. The items are only recognized as “Switches” in Alexa. But I am able to dim the lights.
  2. The Items in Homekit can only be switched on/off.
  3. I am not able to change the Color of the bulbs.
    In this version there is one Color Group which have got one dimmer bulb and one color bulb.
    I also tried a group with only color lights; without luck.

Do you have some ideas how to solve these problems?

You might need something like this:

Color 	Hue1_Color		"Farbe 1"	 <colorwheel> (gHue1,gHueColor)	{ channel="hue:yyy:xxxx:3:color" }

Dear Lutz,

thank you very much for your assistant.

I already have the Color Item:

Color Light_Living_Sofa_Links_1_Color "Farbe" <ColorLight> (GroupDimmer_Lights_Living, GroupColor_Lights_Living) { channel="hue:0210:0017884ab0d6:4:color" }

But i dont want to tag this item because i want to use a group.
Or do you think i need the tagged group and a tagged item for homekit/alexa?

In Habpanel everything works well.

Kind Regards

I do not know if that works with groups in openhab, but I use it like this:
Every lamp configured individually for homekit
assign the lamps to the same room
Then you can say “Switch room to green” to SIRI


yes, this should work.
But than i have to managed my groups/rooms in different systems several times. :confused:
I hope i will find a solution to configure the setup just in one place (openhab)

I have a similar problem, I am grouping DMX/Artnet-lights with the groups.
Alexa and Googlehome are recognizing the Group:Color item as Coloritems and I can set colors with voicecommands. In Homekit it only shows up as switch.
When I put the Group:Color item in a sitemap I can choose colors with the colorpicker but in contrast to the dimmer and switch-item changes on single items in that group are not reflected in the group-colorpickeritem.
I don’t know if there is a problem that the HSB-Value is not returned to the group in any way like in the switch or dimmer-item. I tried things like Group:color:MAX, …MIN, …SUM but nothing worked.


I have a couple of Art-NET lights I would like to set the colour of via Google Assistant.

Can you explain how you have this working please?

I have tried adding the tag “Color” or “Colour” to the colorpicker Item but it just isn’t detected by Google Assistant.

There must be a step that I’m missing :frowning:

Hi folks,

any news? Did somebody of you figure out how to fix?


Sorry, I forgot to say I’d got it working.

It needs two tags…




I did post a reply here, Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB (reply 661) but it’s pretty hard to find.

I hope this helps