Color in oh-cell

I have the follow YAML Script for a oh-cell

component: oh-cell
  action: toggle
  color: '=(items.HuewhiteWohnen_Helligkeit.state >= 20) ? "yellow" : "white"'
  label: '=(items.HuewhiteWohnen_Helligkeit.state >= 20) ? "Kugel Licht Ein" :
    "Kugel Licht Ausgeschaltet"'
  header: Beleuchtung
  icon: oh:licht
  item: HuewhiteWohnen_Helligkeit
  on: true
  actionItem: HuewhiteWohnen_Helligkeit
  actionCommand: "100"
  actionCommandAlt: "0"
  subtitle: Kugel Cheminée
    fontSize: 20px

For Color, I have chosen the color Yellow.
Which colors are available?
Is there a list with all color they are possible?

I would like to take the color gold.

Hi Marcel,
I tried this with oh-cell too (arbitrary colors), without success.
My workaround was using a labeled item:

              - component: oh-label-cell
                  icon: oh:fan
                  title: Lüftung
                  trendItem: SystemAir_REG_SENSOR_RPM_SAF
                  item: SystemAir_REG_SENSOR_RPM_SAF
                  action: navigate
                  actionPage: page:page_lueftung
                  expandable: false
                  footer: ="Filterwechsel in " +
                    Math.floor(items.SystemAir_Filterwechsel_Tage.state) + "
                    background: "=(items.SystemAir_Sammelalarm.state == 0) ? 'rgba(0,255,0,0.4)' :

Also it needs to have a trending item set to take the rgba values.
I don know why style: doesn’t work with oh-cell :frowning:

Many of the widgets and components use the default f7 color list

Hi Justin
Many thanks for your answer. For the future it will be heplful, if we have more color for a beautiful UI.
Happy New Year

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