Color item to reflect status like onoff

is there a way that a color item in the app reflects its status so I can see if it is on?
Like the other simple on off lamps do.

Hey @dossidos,
the Color item doesn’t show the current state without opening it first. However you can add a slider for the color item above the color item itself, like this:

Slider item=LightLivingRoom
Colorpicker item=LightLivingRoom

Do you mean the colors in your sitemap items?

You can do that with color labels and values.

Switch item=light valuecolor=[ON="green", OFF="red"] valuecolor=[ON="green", OFF="red"] 

See the documentation for more info:

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Thanx for all your answers!

The sitemap is created automatically as i add the items to the corresponding groups.
So i don’t edit the sitemap file for each light i add.

What i want is that the rgb item in the app shows a dark bulb when not active.
The item currently is always yellow - so i have to tap it to see if it is realy on.

Alle items should work the same way.

Tapping the bulb switches on/off and changes its color according the the state.

There is no confirmation of on/off when you don’t see that actual light.
Please reflect the state of the rgb bulb in the app.item.


If you want to change the widget behaviour, you will have to change your behaviour i.e. edit your sitemaps by hand.