Color of list button doesn't change

I’d like to change the color of a simple oh-list-item-button from blue to a different color. The settings are quite straightforward so it shouldn’t be a problem; but it remains (standard) blue:

component: oh-list-item
  action: popup
  actionModal: page:Alexa
  title: Alexaseite öffnen
  listButton: true
  listButtonColor: red

Try just color instead of listButtonColor

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Thank you!

Just wanted to mention that i had the same problem and “listButtonColor” automatically was inserted by using the “+” button of and then adding the “Label List Item”

So this could/should be fixed in the GUI right?
Only in case that this was not clear …

Thanks for the solution


  version: 3.2.0.M4
  buildString: Milestone Build