Color Wifi/ZWave bulb that resets to previous state on power restore?

I am looking to put a color smart bulb into a bedroom lamp. I am looking for a bulb that is compatible with openhab and does will return to last known state when power is restored after a power outage. I don’t want it turning on it we lose power. I could do zwave or wifi. I know hue does this, but I don’t want to purchase a hue hub. In my searching I didn’t find another bulb that does this - any suggestions?

Tasmota should support this in Wifi bulbs. Read the tasmota wiki on commands I don’t remember the set option but there are plenty posts out in google land.

Lohas makes some nice bulbs that can be converted with tuya convert.

Are you talking about E26 base bulbs?

For that size, I’ve tried Hue as well as Aeotec and Inovelli zwave bulbs in OH with their respective (hue/zwave) bindings.

Both Aeotec and Inovelli support last known state through parameters and both work well.
If you care about color accuracy and controlling dimming rates though, Hue is the best choice.

Oh, wanted to add an important caveat I just remembered about zwave bulbs.

If you’re using zwave bulbs, make sure they are in a fixture which is permanently powered. Otherwise, your zwave mesh will think you have a missing device which will slow down your entire network.

For your scenario, this means you should make sure your bedroom lamp is always on and only control the bulb via zwave.

Hue seems much more robust in this regard. If a device is missing or powered off, it doesn’t affect performance of other devices.

On some Z-Wave bulbs there is a setting to accomplish that. I am not where I can check my system right now. I believe I have an Aeotec bulb that has this setting.