Colorpicker in OH3

Can someone please give me a working colorpicker example for Main UI? I was reading through the wiki pages but couldn’t find one.

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off topic post hence moved.
Mind the rules please it’s the 2nd time in a row you didn’t.

I’m sorry but why is it off topic? The Main UI is only present in OH3.

The thread is on the Release candidates and to find last minute issues, not to support users with theirs.

OK, so on OH3RC2, this is how a dimmer item looks like (and it is also working):

And this is how a Colorpicker looks like and it’s not working (there is a white bar that is not reacting to anything):

Go to Add Metadata -> Select Default Standalone widget - > then change the widget from Default-OH to color picker card.

No joy, still that white box (I tried selecting colorwheel & RGB sliders in the Advanced properties as well but nothing changed):

Looks like a bug then… your item’s state is probably not initialized. Try doing openhab:send Jateklampa_Jateklampacolor "0,0,0" in the console and maybe the color picker will appear.


Thanks, the colorpicker appeared after I initialized the item. How is this supposed to work with items that come and go (like lightbulbs)? Do I need a rule to assign the initial values when it comes online?

It will recognize H,S,B values, or numbers (will take it as brightness), or ON & OFF, but I forgot about NULL & UNDEF. So try not to avoid those states.

Sorry you mean to avoid NULL and UNDEF, correct? So I will need a rule to assign values during startup to get around this bug?

For example yes.



I’m not sure what you mean???

Apparently, pocket posting is a thing… sorry about that.

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Do you want me to open up an issue for this on github?

Did you report a bug? Because I’ve got the same issue using Philips Hue and Livarno devices, but not only for RGB, but also for the ones where I can change the temperature of the light.

Was there a bug filed for this ?

I have the same problem with an Ikea bulb in zigbee2mqtt.

As I haven’t figured out, how to read out the CIE values yet (need to read out 3 individual topics, not just one, so as for the interim, I’m only reading out the brightness.)

That however doesn’t work (I didn’t think it would), the color item does not get initialised. It remains on value “NULL”.

This is in OpenHAB 3.0.1



… but up to now, I wasn’t aware, that the missing initialization causes that issue :wink: