Colorpicker problem in Android App


i am using openHABian with openHAB 2.5.5-1 on a RaspberryPi 3. I use the openHAB Android App Version 2.12.1. I use a RGB-Light-Bulb with tasmota-Firmware on it at the version 8.3.1.
I want to control the tasmota RGB-Light with the mqtt-binding. So i have configured a generic MQTT-Thing in PaperUI and added a Color Value (Hue,Saturation,Brightness) Channel to this Binding. The following picture shows the configuration of this channel:

My items definition:

Color           DG_Wohnen_KugellampeRegal_Farblicht                         "Regallampe"                            (gTimeclock)

My sitemap definition:

Colorpicker item=DG_Wohnen_KugellampeRegal_Farblicht

So the controlling of the light through the Colorpicker at the Android App works fine. I can switch the light on and off as well i can controll the light color. The return channel over the MQTT State Topic and the Transformation is working as well!

But i have one Problem:
If i switch off the Light with the OFF-Button of the Colorpicker, the light turns off and the Hue and Saturation Value stays at the old value, only the Brightness goes to 0. If i turn on the light with the ON-Button of the Colorpicker the Brightness-value goes back to the defined Initial Brightness and everything works as expectet.
BUT if i check the actual color settings during the off-state by pressing the Colorplate (middle) button of the Colorpicker, the Hue and Saturation values are reseted to zero!

Does anybody else have this behaviour?

In BasicUI I have the same behaviour with the colorpicker. The brightness is set to 50% (slider in the middle) and the color selection circle is positioned in the middle. After a browser refresh and reopen the colorpicker, it shows the right settings.
But I’m sorry, I do not have a solution.

Yes, I see this as well and opened an issue:

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