Colorpicker with OH2 KNX2

Hello community!

I try for some months to make run my RGB lights.
I use OH 2.3 KNX2 and a Enertex KNX actor.
Attached you can see the avaiable objects from the knx actor.

Anyone have any idea to solve this issue?

afaik openHAB2.3 stable has no support for color channels in knx2, but 2.4.0-M7 has (and of course 2.4 nightly). Or wait until OH2.4 stable is out.
knx2 does support DPT 232.600 - this is communication object (CO) 17 and CO 31.

Hi Udo!
Thank you for the precious information.

Maybe you can post the lines to use in things, items and in the rule?

Hi again,

i found something in internet and update to 2.4.0~S1458-1 (Build #1458).
The colorLed RUN :grinning:
Only the brightness can`t reach the maximum light power.

I try with the following two options in things but is the same result
Type color : bad_led “Farbe” [ hsb=“232.600:3/1/21+<3/1/22”, switch=“1.001:3/1/1+<3/1/2” ]
Type color : bad_led “Farbe” [ hsb=“232.600:3/1/3+<3/1/4”, switch=“1.001:3/1/1+<3/1/2”, position=“5.001:3/1/17+<3/1/18”, increaseDecrease=“3.007:3/1/15+<3/1/16” ]

I do something wrong or there is a bug?