COM Port Issues (zwave / jeelink) after moving from Build #1566 to Build #1587

Does anyone else experience issues with COM ports after updating to recent snap shot. I now spent the afternoon to fix it - but without success. Even going back to 1566 does not help anymore.

I have zwave dongle and a jeelink stick and normally both are on seperated COM ports. Now the Jeelink USB Thing does not show any COM port in config anymore, as soon as you try to select a specific port it suggests only the one from zwave…of course this one selected reacts in zwave also not working anymore. Removed jeelink thing and tried to add it again, but now again the only com port seen is the one from the zwave donge…

Help is highly appreciated as it starts to take lots of time…:slight_smile:

Its strange…i now read that it may help to add tty to the user but did not solve anything. already hat dialout of course.

The issue is that the ttyCOM1 port is not selectable from the dropdown menu to set the Jeelink stick i’m using…however its shown in dmesg and also in /dev/ there is the related file…ttyUSB1.

Any idea?

I’m confused. Are you running on Linux or Windows, because Linux doesn’t usually use COM ports, it uses device files. For example, my zwave device is /dev/ttyUSB0 and my zwave device is /dev/ttyUSB1. Sometimes you will see /dev/ttyAM0 (or something like that). I’ve never seen COM1 or ttyCOM1 before. COM1 is a Windows convention.

But you say this used to work which makes it doubly confusing. Please provide more details.


Sorry…i’ve seen while writing that i did name it wrong. so i changed it afterwards but forgot one in the text.
Of course its /dev/ttypUSB1…before the update it was working properly at this port (Jeelink). Now after the update Jeelink is dead. I checked the Thing responsible for the “Controller”…and it had no COM port selected in PaperUI…so i thougth an easy fix and tried the drop-down menu…BUT there is only one port in the list…and its the AMA-ComPort for my Z-Wave controller…which of course is used for zwave and not really available…

So now i’m stuck as the REAL USB1 Port cannot be selected…for me a fix would be great if its possible to add the ttyUSB1 manually to a file (which?) for the Jeelink USB-Thing. or alternatively get to know why suddenly its not in my list anymore…even if in /dev/ folder the file for ttyUSB1 exists…

You might need to give Java permission to access that device. See

You can create the jeelinkUSB Thing manually in a .things file. See the examples in the Jeelink docs for details.

I did have dialout before updating, which still is set now, but as it did not work again - i now added tty group but does not improve anything.

Will try to add a manual thing.

Did you see the part that says:

Additionally it’s needed to allow the java environment to access the serial port of the connected peripheral. Therefore the following setting has to be added/adapted on your system in file /etc/default/openhab2 :



Sh"%$t - did you see this:
there is a recent issue with USB serial ports which seem to mix things up…not sure how it will be fixed.
Waited now a long time - but again regret to do an update on snapshots…too often recently the system stops working on parts of the installation :frowning:

It’s been pretty well discussed at least on the forum that the snapshots are pretty broken and unsafe for use right now. I’d stay away from them at least until OH 2.5 M2 gets released. The problems with the build should be fixed once we see that.