Combine PaperUI Items (homegear binding) and custom items from other bindings (intertechno, tcp)


I have some issues understanding how to combine bindings configured via PaperUI and bindings, which I have to configure via items file. My current configuration is: openHAB2 on a RPi 4 with CUL868. I installed successfully the homematic homegear binding and created my items from the things found automatically by the inbox. Afterwards I installed the HomeKit Add-on and successfully configured it. Now I was able to see my sensors in the Home app. Furthermore my sensors occur in the openHAB app. The next bindings I need are Intertechno and TCP. Unfortunately these bindings cannot be configured via PaperUI. Therefore I started to create items and sitemap files. Now I was able to control my custom items in the Basic UI but was only able to control these items in the PaperUI. These items are only listed. Furthermore all sensor from the PaperUI disappear from the openHAB app. Only the custom sitemap is visible.
How I am able to combine custom items and PaperUI? Is there any possibility to create a items file and refer to the PaperUI items? How can I create a item for the homematic homegear binding via items file?

Thanks in advance

You have two options

  • Remove all PaperUI created items and replace them with items in .items file
  • Use the items defined in PaperUI. You should still be able to add them to your sitemap and use them in rules.

For all, who are interested in my solution:

  1. Create the items (or channels, this was my first misunderstanding) if possible via PaperUI
  2. Copy the item (channel) identifier from the item via the PaperUI :
    in this case: homematic:HG-HM-WDS40-TH-I-2:44390269:OEQ1305561:1#TEMPERATURE
  3. Create a item in an items file like
    Number lr_temp “Living Room Temperature” {channel=“homematic:HG-HM-WDS40-TH-I-2:44390269:OEQ1305561:1#TEMPERATURE”}
  4. Reference to the item as normal in your sitemap files

From my point of view, it is possible to use both: items files and PaperUI. Unfortunately as a beginner you found a lot of threads where most of the people decline that is possible to use both.